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 How to exploit marketing automation in hotels? The main advantage of automation is that it allows you to stay in close contact with customers , whenever they need support or a suggestion , without the need to spend large amounts of time doing so and without dedicating team members to this. specific function. Thanks to automation software, in fact, it is possible to send various types of messages to customers ( email , SMS, push notifications, direct on social media and much more) while maintaining a direct line with each guest both before, during and after the stay. .

Customer needs are now increasingly

Sophisticated and offering them a direct channel Canada Telegram Number Data of interaction , special pampering and personalized services can significantly improve the customer experience and level of satisfaction. It is clear that a satisfied customer will also be a loyal customer only increases the functionality of the booking phase but also allows you to closely monitor the behavior of potential

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Guests during the purchasing phase , in order to understand

Exactly at what point in the process they stop China Email List browsing and what discourages them from continuing. A unique opportunity to perfect the customer journey and increase conversions. The check-in Check-in can also be automated thanks to online registration mechanisms that can be performed both from PCs and mobile devices, to make the procedure extremely dynamic, which can thus be performed anywhere and at any time

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