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A Place Like no Other

In 2020 the most profitable day was Monday, while in 2021 Italians love to shop on Fridays . On Sunday, however, consumers also rest: this is the day when there is a low level of traffic and conversions for most online stores . But there are also favorite times: from 10 to 11 you buy more , also because this allows you to conveniently plan the delivery time.

Food e-commerce: what’s in the shopping cart

Everli’s analysis focuses on Italians’ shopping Poland WhatsApp Number Data carts , which reveal themselves as a true praise of the Mediterranean diet: fruit, vegetables and healthy foods dominate online shopping. Snacks, which in 2020 were one of the most purchased foods, are now only in seventh place. At the beginning of the pandemic, Italians loved buying comfort food, also to overcome the moment of crisis. But since 2021 we have realized that healthy eating and living are crucial to one’s well-being.

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Do you want to sell online

Create your e-commerce with our experts! FIND HOW Iran Telegram Number Create your site with our experts FIND HOW In the shopping cart there is no shortage of pasta, water, eggs, salads already cleaned and washed but also bread and citrus fruits. For the first time, cheese, butter, canned foods and even ice cream are not included in the top ten purchases .

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