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The primary objective is technological transfer within SMEs for the creation of high-tech companies. Save time and customers with Therefore,  Italiaonline’s digital offer FIND HOW What is the Enea Tech Foundation The Enea Tech Foundation is the first Italian fund dedicated exclusively to technology transfer between SMEs and innovative startups. Therefore,  The Foundation has 500 million euros in its belly which it can use to.  Invest directly in the startups that present the most innovative projects and with the greatest possibility of “breaking through” even on foreign markets.

One of the main problems of

These companies is precisely that of finding funds in the Greece WhatsApp Number Data initial stages of their projects .Therefore,  Convincing venture capitalists , business angels, but also simple credit institutions to believe in a project that only exists on paper is not easy and for this reason the Therefore,  MiSE has decided to set up a fund that accompanies these companies in their daily growth. The Enea Tech Foundation has all the ad hoc tools and maximum freedom to invest directly in startups and innovative

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SMEs becoming partners of entrepreneurs

According to the statute, the Therefore,  Foundation can participate Switzerland Whatsapp Number List and invest in start-ups and innovative SMEs , university spin-offs and research and development centres, promoting and supporting the innovation and technological transfer processes of SMEs.Therefore,  Minister Pautanelli also spoke and explained the importance of a fund for technology transfer: ” The Enea Tech Foundation is a project we have been working on for months and which saw the light of day in the Relaunch Decree.

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