You Won’t Have A Second Chance To Make A Good First Impression

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You Won’t Have A Second Chance To Make A Good First Impression

Pēteris urtāns explains this mainly by the skill or inability to use the brain’s potential: “We often do not allow free brain activity, but use only the frontal brain area, which is responsible for planning and problem solving.” “I compare it to the stage – we use only one actor, but behind the scenes there are also a director, make-up artists, prompters, and artists. This “Backstage”, that is, subconscious activity, can help a lot, because the information processing process is already doesn’t just happen in the frontal part of the brain. But we, especially those with a lot of willpower, try to do everything with our minds only and by concentrating and focusing we build artificial productivity – figuratively speaking, racks that we try to hold on to. These are two very different approaches to how we deal with problems and moving forward.

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Urtāns admits that you can achieve good results and live a successful life with willpower and “Mental skills”. But he is sure: “I can assure you one hundred percent that such a person will never know his true potential. Because he has to consume Switzerland Phone Number List resources to maintain the system he has artificially built. Such a person cannot relax, and the tension persists in the long term.” on the other hand, the state of tension can turn into burnout at any moment, when the recovery process takes several months or even years. In addition, after experiencing burnout, a protective mechanism starts to work in the brain – it will no longer work at full capacity, because it will be afraid of burning out again.

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Pēteris urtāns compares it to the situation when a person has been bitten by a dog – after that, when meeting with brothers of its species, he will behave much more cautiously. What determines success how to understand if our brain works News US productively, freely and fluently? test for its detection. But everyone can also evaluate themselves by following some everyday signs: “One of the signs is waking up in the morning – do you have energy right away.

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