You Don’t Have to Worry So Much About

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You Don’t Have to Worry So Much About

You are less likely to violate their content policy by promoting your facebook page instead. Conversion rates tend to be higher when you make the transition through your funnel as seamless as possible. The same users will be more likely to convert if you direct them to your facebook page instead of a third-party site. Optimizing Your facebook profile page. Any layout you choose will probably work, but you can always split testing different themes. Facebook uses a quality score to determine cpcs.

Ads promoting facebook pages tend to be

cheaper because they tend to provide a great user CEO Email Lists experience. You can use facebook form builders like shortstack to create custom forms and contests to build your email list. Additionally, you can invite your email contacts to participate in your facebook promotion. This is an easy funnel to set up as it only takes about 30 seconds to connect your mailing list app to your facebook business page. 2. Organize competitions content marketing institute surveys found that 80% of marketers believe that contests and other types of dynamic content perform better .

Promote E-books or White Papers

CEO Email Lists

Facebook is a great platform to promote e-books and white papers. I would say it’s even better than adwords because it’s easier to reach a large base of customers looking for a particular solution. Many authors use it to sell their ebooks, but it may be easier to use ebooks or white paper as lead magnets. Navid moazzez used this strategy to promote virtual summit mastery (vsm), one of his new flagship courses. Its return on investment was 876% . Here are some tips for marketers who intend to incorporate e-books and white papers into their facebook marketing campaign.

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