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With Facebook Rampage To

WordPress is the Rampage To ultimate blogging platform, and this is clearly backed by numbers. To date, the content management system (CMS) supports more Vietnam WhatsApp Number List  than 70 million websites and blogs, and the number is growing. Matt Mullenweg may not have predicted such numbers when the CMS was launched in 2003, but compared to this popularity, the competition seems to be fading. With over 140 million downloads, WordPress is arguably one of the most popular open source software .

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Why choose WordPress? Here are some other reasons to use WordPress for your blog: Extensive community support : As a beginner, you need a lot of help to improve your blog. Fortunately, WordPress has the most extensive user support. All your questions will be answer promptly. If your system fails technically, there is always an answer to keep you going. Easy customization : As a blogger, you need the best platform to host your blog and give it a unique feel. WordPress themes are optimize to give your blog a different feel.

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There are over 45,000 plugins to optimize your blog. From security plugins to speed plugins, there are always new plugins releas to help your blog perform better. Free WordPress Themes : This is the most important reason you need to choose WordPress. With over 4,000 free themes, you have plenty to choose from. As a beginner, you have the opportunity to create a unique look for your blog. Free : This is the beauty of using this CMS as a blogger. There are no startup costs, and you’ll have thousands of free plugins to optimize your platform as your blog traffic grows. One-click installation : You don’t need any coding or programming skills to get star with WordPress.

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