Why some people become ghosts, and some people become ghost destroyers. On the whole, “Blade of

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Why some people become ghosts, and some people become ghost destroyers. On the whole, “Blade of

Why some people become ghosts, and some people become ghost destroyers. On the whole, “Blade of ghost slayer” is a kingly comic for teenagers, and it is inevitable to fight and kill, but in the process of fighting and killing, each author has his own theme that he wants to carry, such as “Attack on titan” wants to say what about freedom, dictatorship and oppression, what about “Blade of ghost slayer”? As mentioned earlier, it is people’s attitude towards obsession and loss. Ghost slayers or pillars, like ghosts, have their own obsessions. For example, tanjiro wants to make his sister back into a human, hu die wants to inherit his sister’s last wish,

However, these obsessions

Did not make them Nigeria Phone Number ghosts, why? Screenshot_2020-11-10_pm 3_46_49 Photo credit: screenshot from the official trailer of “Demon slayer movie infinite train arc” We can understand it from tanjiro. First of all, when tanjirou faced his own obsessions, he did not only care about himself. He knew that he had the right to pursue his own wishes, but he also understood that no one should pay the price for his own obsessions. For this reason, if there was no way out, he also readily accepted it. , so tanjiro’s story focuses on the process of trying, not the result of a .

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Unfortunately the

Harvest of family members seems to fill the emptiness of tired, but it is abnormal. Fragility, as long as there is a gap, it will be like a needle, piercing the dream of comforting self, and then falling into the cycle of repeated loss. As far as this is concerned, tiredness has nothing to gain, only the loneliness that becomes more and more filled. So, perhaps as tanjirou said, ghosts are sad and empty creatures. In this way, ghosts lose everything when they choose violence. They seem to have a huge power that they could not control before they were alive, but they can’t control anything. Therefore, what the author buried in his works is not just obsessions,

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