Why should you NOT focus your strategy on traffic? Inspiring Marketing!

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Why should you NOT focus your strategy on traffic? Inspiring Marketing!

Adults like numbers. But, of course, we who understand life make fun of numbers!What will you find in this content?The economics of transmissionThe psychology of sharingThe dilemmaInspiration and confidence, not trafficLessons from The Little Prince in marketingOne of the most intoxicating measures in marketing is “Internet traffic.” They are numbers and therefore it speaks of hard measurement. The numbers are understandable, they don’t cost work, and we can do something to affect your results. It makes us feel good to see the graph, but as any marketer with a little digital experience knows, for most Ireland Business Phone List , almost all of this traffic is represented by people who take a quick look at our site and never return. They are tourists, not residents.However, there is a lot of emphasis on the “bulk traffic” of a website. An SEO professional pointed out why he put so much emphasis on traffic, with a certain arrogance “Where there is traffic, there is hope.”That may sound good, but frankly, it ‘s a lousy marketing strategy. If you present a marketing strategy based on “hope” to your boss, they will probably kick you out of the office. That’s right.Instead, here is an eMarketer statistic to ponder:83% of CMOs say that content sharing is the main benefit of social media marketing.Waiting! What?Do you mean that it is not the clicks, likes or new followers? Not even TRAFFIC for crying out loud?e-mail marketing tipsThe economics of transmissionWhen people “like” something on their networks, they are only attached to that something lightly and temporarily. But when they share it, this is a daring and intimate act. They are raising their hands in a virtual way, saying, “I believe in this. I am in favor of this. Pay attention.”People who share content are likely to read and understand what you do before making the decision to share it. In essence, they are becoming your advocates … to top it off 70% of users are more likely to buy something when they view content about a product or service shared by a friend.

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Ireland Business Phone List

This forces us to reconsider the best sales indicator: Content that moves.Power on the web doesn’t just come from content or traffic. It comes from social transmission.Your investment in content development does nothing to your Ireland Business Phone List if it has not been seen, distributed and shared. Content that doesn’t move has the same economic value as the world’s best movie script kept in a cold, dark vault.How to get my content sharedThe psychology of sharingWe are going to peel the onion even more.Why do people share? To understand social transmission, we have to understand why people choose to share.There are many reasons why people share content, but numerous studies show that there are three primary motivators:Empathy; the content serves as an extension of their own identity (which makes them look cool, relevant, smart, etc.)Sharing is an act of generosity to help others;Sharing shows being a fan or supporting a person, brand or causeThe dilemmaAdAge recently reported a renaissance in SEO investments. The reason behind this is that many brands are doing content marketing . Why not resort to SEO tactics? Because through paid means like SEO, advertising and promotion, we may be able to trick someone into viewing a piece of content, but can we trick them into sharing it?How do we get people to share?Inspiring and emotionally bonding content drives content sharing; and the brands that feed that transmission are those that are winning the game. This is Inspiring marketing .Inspiration and confidence, not traffic
I challenge you. Are you taking the easy route in your marketing plan? Are you spending money on social ads, display and SEO because they are familiar numbers and you can get the budget approved and have massive traffic? Or are you really inspiring and building trust and ties with your target group who is the one who will ultimately shoot up your sales and talk about you?What is Engagement Marketing

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Inspiring and building trust instead of traffic takes time, a new mindset about content marketing, a new commitment, and maybe even a leap into the unknown. If your marketing department decides to focus on the biggest economic engine on the web – increasing the number of people sharing your content – how should you transform your strategy? Your organization? Your budget?Lessons from The Little Prince in marketingHow do you build a marketing strategy based on inspiration, trust and connections, not traffic? The answer is yours … but I leave you this text of The Little Prince so that what I just wrote is clearer; the little boy with golden hair, knew for a long time, that the figures are just that … but what was really important was much further.Adults like numbers. When you tell them about a new friend, they never ask about the essentials. They never say to you: “What is the sound of your voice like? Which are the games that he prefers? Do you collect butterflies? They ask you: “How old is he? How many siblings do you have? How much does it weigh? How much does your father earn? Only then do they think they know him. If one says to adults: “I saw a beautiful pink brick house, with geraniums on the windows and pigeons on the roof …” they cannot imagine it. You have to tell them: “I saw a house of one hundred thousand francs.” Then they exclaim: “How cute!” Thus, if one says to them: “The proof that the little prince existed is that he was charming, that he laughed and that he wanted a lamb. When you want a lamb, it is proof that you exist ”, they will lift their shoulders and treat you like a child! But if one tells them: “The planet from which it came is the asteroid B 612″, then they will be convinced and will not bother with their questions anymore. They are like that, you don’t have to get upset with them. Children should be very forgiving of adults.
But, of course, we who understand life make fun of numbers! ”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince.

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