Why do big Internet companies love “delivery food”?

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Why do big Internet companies love “delivery food”?

In the context of the slowdown in traffic growth in various fields, it is not surprising that Internet giants attack each other’s hinterland. However, the food delivery industry has develope relatively maturely and has a stable structure. Why are they suddenly targeting food delivery?

In fact, from Alibaba, Baidu to Didi, SF Express, Byteance, JD.com, etc., BAT, TMDJ, etc., except for Tencent, who did not end up in person, the leading Internet companies either use to do takeaways, or are doing takeaways, or On the way to plan to do takeout.

1. Big Internet companies love to do takeaways

iiMedia Research release a “2022 China Catering Industry Development Status and Market Research and Analysis Report” some time ago. The data shows that the weekly takeaway consumption frequency of Chinese catering. Consumers is mainly concentrate in 5-8 times and 9-12 times, accounting for The ratios were 37.2% and 25.1%, respectively.

Therefore, there have been many entrants in the food delivery industry. Throughout the history of the development of the mobile Internet, food delivery can be regarde Albania Phone Number
as a never-ending outlet.

With full competition, who has the last laugh

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Although big factories have their own advantages, they can face many difficulties. E-commerce platforms or short video platforms, whether shopping or watching short videos, are still figuring out how to get through the link with the dining scene. Otherwise, there may be empty traffic on the platform, but it cannot be converte into takeaway users.

Alibaba hatche Koubei.com long before the advent of the mobile Internet boom. Koubei.com initially accessed the traffic from Taobao, but it has not been able to compete with Dianping and Meituan that emerged later. During the O2O war, Koubei.com was restarte, but after the powerful alliance between Dianping and Meituan, Koubei.com’s presence became even weaker. Ali had to buy Ele.me to gain a key pawn in local life services. The same is true for Baidu, getting up early and catching a late episode.

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However, it was this fierce and fierce competition back then that quickly promote the maturity of the products and services of the food delivery industry. Now Douyin and JD.com are threatening to introduce food delivery into a highly competitive state again. It can be said that it is a “good show” worth looking forward to.

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