What is the Price of a Freelance Web Editor?

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What is the Price of a Freelance Web Editor?

Freelance web editor, is it a job that brings in a lot of money? What budget should you plan to attract the services of a content creator? By definition, the mission of the web editor is to write texts on the internet. Setting your rate can be difficult for a young web editor . If he sets his price too low, he will not be able to value his expertise , nor make a decent living from it. On the contrary, if its price is too high, it could drive away customers. So how do you find the right price ? Web writing price summarized in a table Web writing prices 300 word article 1000 word article Beginner rate  ndard rate.

A price according to the volume of work

A writer with a few months/years of experience, and good references, can ask for this rate; €0.15/word and more: high-end rate. A web editor with a lot of experience and expertise can set his price above the average because the value provided will justify it; These are just pricing trends , you are free to proceed as you wish. The idea A Complete List of Unit Phone Numbers is that your price matches the value of your work . Set your price per hour The job of a web editor is not just to write. He must document himself, make analyzes of keywords, then read again. A good copywriter will also check that their content is unique. As a result, he sometimes spends more time “in the shadows” than time writing. In this case, he can set his price per hour.

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Set your price per hour

A Complete List of Unit Phone Numbers

However, if you opt for this solution, remember to warn your client before starting the work, so that he is not surprised. So also include in your invoice all the time you spent doing something other than writing. If he wants to set a rate per hour, here are the thresholds usually observed: €20 to €35/hour: beginner News US rate; €40 to €60/hour: standard rate; 70€/hour and more: top-of-the-range rate. How does a web editor charge? So there are different ways to charge a web editor . By the word or by the hour, he chooses. His client can inform, upstream, a threshold that he cannot exceed. So, if a client tries to negotiate your price down, be sure of yourself, and keep your initial proposal. Sometimes you’ of them on the Internet today. They are ideal for young writers who want to hone their skills. However, they are very low paying. If someone wants to make a living as a web writer , it’s in their best interest to not just focus on platforms.

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