What is Google Analytics? Understand Everything in 5 Key Points

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What is Google Analytics? Understand Everything in 5 Key Points

In 2005, Google acquired Urchin Software Corporation, a company specializing in computer data analysis . Thanks to this acquisition, Google was able to give birth to Google Analytics, the most used data analysis platform in the world. Today, more than 80% of the global market (10 million sites) uses Google Analytics on a daily basis. But what is the use of this audience analysis tool ? And what is Google Analytics, exactly? Discover all the answers in 5 essential points. google analytics referencing What is Google Analytics? A short time ago, the legal Cookies policy changed. But the latter retain the same usefulness: to collect information on the attitude of users. In order to draw the right conclusions.

What is Google Analytics used for?

Cookies therefore store data ( the links on which Internet users have clicked, the time spent on a page, any advertisements to be displayed, etc. ). And the goal of Google Analytics is to centralize this data, in order to provide reports that are as accurate as possible. It is therefore a platform that allows you Ivory Coast Phone Number List to analyze the audience of your site. A very powerful tool, Google Analytics sorts a large amount of data concerning internet activity. Completely free, it’s a must if you want to improve the management of your website and your long-term positioning. Here’s everything you need to know about Google Analytics.

Two types of data

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A single line of code First of all, in addition to being a platform that you can access for free, Google Analytics is a simple line of code . All you have to do is place this line of tracking code on all the web pages of your site, so that Google Analytics takes them into account. A simple little News US snippet of JavaScript, which runs in the browser when users visit your web pages.  which processes it and sends it to you in the form of a report. You can thus consider a plethora of essential information for the analysis of the functioning of your site. 3 – Two types of data To understand more concretely how Google Analytics works. It is important to review the data as it is collected. They fall into two broad categories.

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