What is a Blogger?

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What is a Blogger?

Living off your writing isn’t just for writers! Nor to web editors, for that matter. There is a profession in which you can let your inspiration speak, create a real community around you and live well. No, it is not about the profession of infopreneur , even if it comes close. This is the blogger profession , which I am going to talk to you about today. Personally, I am not only a blogger, but my blog constitutes a solid base of my income . It allows clients to get to know me, and therefore to contact me for copywriting and SEO services. But is it possible to be a full-fledged blogger? And if so, how ? I tell you everything. professional blogger.

You can choose what you want

The blogger profession The profession of blogger is defined as: someone who is the author of a blog . It doesn’t get us very far. In reality, being a professional blogger means keeping a blog on the internet, and living thanks to the income generated on this blog. It can be a cooking blog, a car blog, a travel blog… It all depends on what you want to do. And that’s the beauty of the blogger Brazil Phone Number List profession: y to talk about, and create a whole website on the subject. However, not everyone can become a professional blogger . Well, yes, but not everyone necessarily aspires to it. Professional bloggers generate income by writing their articles : this is another facet of web writing. If you want to start a blog about olives because you’re passionate about it, that’s fine.

It’s impossible to give you a concrete

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But be aware that you could also derive some income from it, even if it is only minimal. How ? By affiliate links, sponsorships ,the sale of certain olives… A blog can develop and have many more ramifications than the simple hat of an editor. See what you are looking for! How much does a blogger earn?  range of what a blogger earns. As with many things, it all depends on the energy you put into writing your articles and professionalizing yourself. Indeed, writing a blog to earn money News US has nothing to do with writing a blog for your own pleasure. In any case, a blogger’s income greatly depends on his notoriety and the community that follows him. If no one knows about your olive blog, brands are unlikely to offer you partnerships. However, if you are very well known in a particular field, the income can quickly accumulate and become very interesting. Like the snowball effect, you can gain notoriety and therefore revenue, which earns you notoriety because you can inject money into your popularity.

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