What is a Good Conversion Funnel?

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What is a Good Conversion Funnel?

Whether you run a blog or an e-commerce site, you have a goal in mind. It can be to get more readers, to retain your existing customers or to entice your new customers to make a purchase. It all depends on you, your site and your activity! But either way, you have a conversion funnel . Also called conversion tunnel or conversion funnel , it is an essential concept, which must be mastered at all costs to achieve the objectives of your website. So, it is legitimate to ask: what is a conversion funnel. And how do you set up an effective funnel on your site? create conversion tunnel The concept of conversion funnel: cornerstone of your activity But let’s go back for a moment to the concept of a conversion funnel.

The conversion tunnel

This is an essential concept that you need to know for the well-being of your activity. The conversion funnel on a site Indeed, the conversion funnel includes all the stages that an Internet user goes through before becoming a customer. So everything that happens between the moment when the Internet user inquires about one of your products, and the moment when he validates his basket. Or book an appointment. Or subscribe to your newsletter. Etc… The Egypt Phone Number List conversion tunnel is then the entire journey that your future customer must go through . However, it is no longer a secret today: given the diversity offered by the Internet, all it takes is one obstacle for a user to lose interest in your site. In other words: your conversion funnel must be perfect if you don’t want to lose customers a hair’s breadth from validating their basket.

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Let’s imagine that Mathilde

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The conversion funnel plays different roles, at different stages of the purchase journey. The role of the conversion funnel The very first mission of the conversion funnel is to attract visitors to your site . Whether it’s a product image, an interesting article or an advertisement on News US social networks. It starts when the Internet user is interested in your website. Let’s imagine that Mathilde comes across your website by chance. The instant it lands on your homepage, to your weekly newsletter . Once this is done, the role of the conversion tunnel is to transform Mathilde. Who has become a prospect, into a client. Making a difference, proposing an irresistible offer, creating a relationship of trust with Mathilde… And that’s when the last mission of the funnel comes in: loyalty. By pushing the personal relationship.

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