What is a Dynamic Web Page?

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What is a Dynamic Web Page?

In the world of web development, there are a plethora of little niceties that make all the difference to the user experience. This is for example the case of a major comparison: that between a static web page and a dynamic web page. Automatic delivery or delivery on demand: moreever I explain the definition of dynamic web page. Dynamic moreever site The definition of a dynamic web page The dynamic web page , to be fully  understood and apprehended, must be compare with the static web page. Two totally different types of web pages : one is actually not better than the other, they just serve different purposes.

The static web page

The static web page A static web page is a web page that remains as it is. It is fille in in a certain form in the server, and as soon as an Internet user asks to see it, it is displaye as it is filled in. It is therefore always the same page, which is displayed effortlessly and without problems. Once the Internet user Ghana Phone Number List clicks on the link, it is presente to him without modification, even if the request does not come from the same user. No matter the time, age and possible differences in preferences between two users,. The display is the same for everyone. The static web page has another particularity. This is hidden in the  displaye.

The dynamic web page

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The dynamic web page The dynamic web page, on the other hand, works on a different principle. In fact, this is a web page that is only displaye on request. The Internet user clicks on his link, and the page is then generate to be presente to him. It is common to say that the server News US creates the web page moreever dynamically : it mounts it from room to room to present it according to information that has just been transmitte to it. This operation, which is ntains only the characteristics that the web browser. Can interpret in order for the page to be display. It is quite common to say that the data containe on dynamic web pages is secure. Indeed, they only contain information that we want to transmit to the Internet user through the display by the browser. This avoids possible coding errors.

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