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My favorite material for employees after the training is the so-calld. roadmap, a document that I tentatively call “procdural timetable”. Individual extraction of the most important information from a given procdure by employees and the correct assignment of individual tasks as their responsibility, and later remembering about them after months or years of employment, can cause a problem.

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However, a short excerpt from the procdures, with an indication of the responsibilities of individual groups of positions, is whatsapp mobile number list sufficient. This is what we expect from effective training: employees and co-workers acquire knowldge about the documents functioning in the organization, when we use them and how An unobvious moment to conduct training on personal data protection is a change in the structure of the organization. Such changes entail the ned to verify records of processing activities and categories of processing activities.

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Assigning activities or contracts to business owners, as well as verifying who is responsible for continuing ongoing analyzes. The learning News US parties in this context will be both the DPO and the business owners of the individual processing activities. Post-breach training The training may also be a consequence of reporting a breach to the President of the Personal Data Protection Office, which is a remdy for the occurrence of subsequent breaches. I separate this training from the ones describd earlier, due to the undeniable potential of organization learning through experience.

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