What Impact Does It Have on Seo and Configure

One of the first things you should do when working on the technical SEO of your website is to optimize your robots.txt file. Unfortunately, it is very susceptible to various types of errors. This little file is an important part of every website, but most people don’t even know about it.

To understand what is, it is worth first explaining what search engine robots are. This term refers to automatic software whose task is to scan, analyze and evaluate websites.

The entire process of preparing a list of search results begins with the work of robots checking links present in website directories, as well as in the content of other websites.

Why is setting up robots so important

The robots are also called crawlers. The next stage involves so-called indexation, collecting data on the content and structure of individual websites.

At the very end comes the time for analysis – robots responsible for positioning evaluate the Ws Number List content of the pages to determine their order on the list.

The robots.txt file contains instructions on how to analyze your site. This element is made available to search engine bots and consists of commands that give or prevent them from accessing certain pages, folders or the entire website. In short, the robots.txt file tells Google bots how to read your site as it crawls.

How to properly configure the robots file

In addition to blocking bots from accessing certain elements of your site, you can also use robots.txt to delay the indexing process. This action determines how long the user agent should wait before loading and analyzing the page.

How to quickly check whether a given website contains a News US robots file? It is publicly available, making it very easy to verify its presence. Simply enter the website’s URL into your browser’s address bar and then add at the end.

If the robots file has been successfully placed on the server, you will see its contents consisting of the Allow and Disallow directives and comments indicated by a box symbol at the beginning of the line

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