What Are the 8 Phases of the Online Purchase Journey for an E-commerce?

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What Are the 8 Phases of the Online Purchase Journey for an E-commerce?

When you run an e-commerce site, you have to think about strategy .  All these questions can find their solution in a concept: the path to purchase . If you are wondering what is the customer journey on the web and how to optimize it , this article is for you! purchase journey optimization What is the online shopping journey? The path to purchase is a term used as much in physical commerce as in the field of e-commerce . In the sense of online shopping , it corresponds to the path that Internet users must follow on your e-commerce site before making the purchase. In other words, everything that happens between the moment a user arrives on your site, and the moment he lands on the landing page confirming his purchase.

Why optimize your shopping journey on an e-commerce site?

Often, it also includes the search sequence , so the moment during which the Internet user inquires about a product or service. The objective of the customer journey on an e-commerce site is to guide the user throughout the navigation . This is also what characterizes a good purchasing process: real Cameroon Phone Number List support, which gives the buyer a feeling of security. But concretely, what is the interest of the customer journey? Why optimize your shopping journey on an e-commerce site? The customer journey can have a big impact on how people perceive your site. And also on the effectiveness of your conversion. In concrete terms, working on your buying journey improves the customer experience . You think about every page, the organization and visual aesthetics of all web pages, which avoids obstacles and friction along the entire length of the purchase journey.

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The 8 stages of the customer journey on an e-commerce site

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To go even further, working on your customer journey allows you to address an essential question: what do your personas want ? And therefore to find the most appropriate answer, which will serve you in many areas. Finally, it allows you to perfect your relationship with Internet users. You give them the right information at the right time, before they even ask themselves the question. And in an interesting form, which attracts attention and arouses News US interest . And each of these phases can be improved to facilitate decision making and then purchase. Discover all our advice and definitions of these 8 distinct stages! 1 – Finding information online Any purchase journey begins with the information phase . While some users go to the store to find out about the products, most are content to do research on the internet.

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