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Ways to Get Know Koh Samui Condominiums

How does a landlord evict a tenant of 10 years? TBK m. In accordance with Article 347, the lessor is given the right to terminate the lease after the lease has been extended 10 times. The lessor may terminate the contract by sending a written notice to the tenant 3 months before each new lease year following the 10th extension year of the lease. Therefore,  The 3-month period may have been missed. In this case, the notice sent in accordance with the Supreme Therefore,  Court decisions regarding the eviction of the tenant of 10 years will be counted as part of the termination notice period of the following year. In other words, the lessor will not have to give a 3-month notice in the following year.

The period for filing a lawsuit for eviction of a 10-year tenant is 1

Month from the end date of the contract. Here, it is Israel Telegram Number Data necessary to carefully examine whether the conditions for filing a lawsuit are met. How to evict a tenant quickly? The fastest way to evict the tenant is to initiate enforcement proceedings with a request for eviction. The tenant who is in default in paying the rent will be notified by a written notice that he must pay the rent, giving at least 30 days. If the tenant does not pay his debt within the given period, enforcement proceedings will be initiated and eviction will be carried out in a short time. Can the landlord evict you from the house because my son is going to live there? According to

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TBK,the landlord; His/her spouse, descendants

Bescendants or dependents by law have the right to Switzerland Email List evict the tenant from the house or workplace if necessary. Here the need must be real, sincere and mandatory. For this purpose, the general termination period must be observed. In other words, a lawsuit must be filed within 1 month from the end date of the contract. This case will be filed in the civil court of peace. Frequently asked Questions What are the rights of a 10-year tenant? Rights of a 10-year tenant : After the 10-year extension period is completed,

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