Using Paas (People Also Ask) to Knock Out the Seo Competition

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Using Paas (People Also Ask) to Knock Out the Seo Competition

It is often said that to have traffic, you must not only be on the first page of Google, but above all be in the top three. Indee, the result in first position has an average click rate of 31.73%, the second of 24.71% and the third of 18.66%. This theory is gradually becoming false with the appearance of PAA (People Also Ask). Today you are first on Google, or you are nowhere. PAAs can be a great help for organic traffic to your site, but also a danger to be aware of. Let’s find out right away what PAAs are, why they are beneficial and how to use them. (People Also Ask) are, in good French, the “other questions asked”. Google offers the Internet user other regularly type questions that are relate to the search query.

Sample PAA Sample

These questions are in the form of feature snippets appearing between the first and the second natural result. Sample PAA Sample PAA PAAs arrive on Google France in April 2016, after being teste for several months in the United States. The search engine has developed this South Korea Phone Number List functionality with the aim of facilitating Internet user searches, by delivering direct answers. Thus, the Internet user no longer needs to navigate through the sites to find the answer to his question: he has it at a glance. Through PAAs, Google shows us that it wants to strengthen its position as an “answer engine”.

Here are 4 mistakes to avoid when

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An answer engine, Google has already been one for many It is good to know that the repurchase of an expire domain name does not generally concern beginners . If you plan to create your very first site, I advise you to buy a new domain name. By following these tips to make the right choice of domain name . Quite simply because buying back an expire domain name can be risky. You have to take certain metrics into account, and News US not fall into the traps. Here are 4 mistakes what you are going to do with it. Just because the name is cool or relates to your field of activity. It does not mean that the domain  of it. Its organic traffic may have already disappeare: this acquisition is therefore not necessarily useful. years with the establishment of position 0 . Want to know how many calories are in an apple? Google gives you the answer automatically.

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