Unsafe Websites Get a Warning

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Unsafe Websites Get a Warning

SSL secures the connection between two computers. In order for such a secure connection to take place, you need a certificate, an SSL certificate. A certificate contains information about, among other things, the certificate holder, the domain, the name of the authority that issued the certificate and the period of validity. which ensure that the message is sent encrypted and is eventually converted back into readable form. SSL is mandatory if you process personal data with your website, such as a contact form, and it also has many advantages: It benefits your SEO position and creates trust towards your website visitors.

The infamous certificate

Websites that receive a message that they are not safe all have a certificate from the security company Symantec. These are about 3000 websites in the Netherlands, according to research by the Last year Symantec was reprimanded by Google UK Phone Number List for not having their SSL certificates in order. Because insufficient improvements have been made, Google decided to lose confidence in the company and declare the certificates invalid. If you visit such a website, you must first click away the message below before the website is visible. The site can therefore be visited, but only if you have clicked away a non-safe message.

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Help! I have such an SSL certificate

Many of the websites that turned out to have an insecure certificate have now replaced their certificate with a secure version. With this, the report of the unsafe website is also gone and the website is safe to visit again. Does your website also have an outdated Symantec certificate? Then it is important News US that you replace your SSL certificate with a variant that does its job properly. You can check your by clicking on the lock in the address bar. Do you see that the finding is secured? Then you’re usually fine. In this case, it is still a good idea to check who issued the certificate, which you do by clicking on “certificate”.

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