General and Wildcard SEO Checklist

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General and Wildcard SEO Checklist

I hope I have solved your digital marketing problem for small businesses . If you have a problem, you can ask in the comment section. If there is a problem in the website setup, I can help. Good job, good luck.

In addition, we can offer campaigns called “Discount of 100 TL or more for those who follow our Instagram account” or “Now I’m in the shop with the hashtag #stores and 15% discount for those who tag us”. We can both increase our turnover and advertise our account with organic and minor expenses.

Technical SEO Checklist

  • Do you use the canonical tag on pages with the same content?
  • Did you noindex the in-site search result pages?
  • Google crawl budget ratio less than 10? (The ideal ratio is between 3-5.)
  • Have you made the relevant search console parameter Austria Phone Numbers adjustments so that unnecessary pages are not crawled by Google?
  • Did you remove unnecessary indexed pages / give noindex tag?
  • Did you 301 redirect incorrectly indexed pages to the correct page?
  • Is the sitemap submitted in the Search Console panel?
  • Have pages such as cart and member panel been noindexed?
  • Are the css and js codes optimized?
  • Is the cache feature active on your site?
  • Is there a maximum of 1 h1 tag per page?

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Digital Marketing Ground

We have prepared our. Now it’s time to share and therefore communicate with users. But remember that social platforms are not just sales channels. If you have a business that sells products, your first posts should not be sales-oriented . We can share more content that promotes your brand and store.

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For example, you can expand your customer base by shooting a video called “How to reach our store”. As another example, if you want to retain the existing customer, you can make a campaign such as “10% discount on your 2nd purchase in our store”. Of course, by determining the profit rate 😊 .

We can use our existing customers to gain followers for our social media accounts . We can make an example of guerrilla marketing by preparing a large instagram box for our store . Although we are talking about digital marketing, we should use interrelated types of marketing.

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