To Note Here Is About The Size

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To Note Here Is About The Size

But, most importantly, your title tag has an important role in making people curious and interested in clicking on your link so they can learn more about it. Most WordPress templates come with some type of SEO settings at the bottom of South Africa WhatsApp Number List  every page or post. If you don’t have one, or you’re not happy with what you’re getting, you should consider getting a plugin like Yoast. Step 3 – Refine Your Meta Description Below the title tag, you’ll notice that search engines will display a short paragraph of text.

This is the meta description To Note

Another key element of your SERPs. If you don’t create your own, the search engine will give you one again. And, yes, again, it’s probably as bad as you think. For example, it can use part of your post or just the first line of it. On Google Search, you can use up to 150-160 characters wisely. Make sure they reinforce the message your title tag leaves, not repeat it. It should also be actionable and unique. Step #4 – Optimize Your Images Regardless of what many people think.

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Your images should also To Note

Search engines can’t “read” them (for now), but for example they can read your alt text. If you do it right, this will help them understand what your page is about and tell them you’ve chosen images that add value to the content. You should also pay attention to how you name your files – yes, you should name your image files. If you don’t, they don’t mean anything to any search engines or people using screen readers. Another thing of the file. The bigger they are, the more they slow down your website. So just upload them at the optimal size – and keep in mind that changing their size after uploading won’t work.

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