To Keep Your Content In A Second Plan

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To Keep Your Content In A Second Plan

Step 5 – Optimize Your XML Sitemap Your XML sitemap is your way of telling search engines that your site has been updated and that they should look at it again – and possibly rethink how they rank your pages and posts. The best way to do South Korea WhatsApp Number List  it on WordPress is to add a plugin so it can create a sitemap for you. To complete it, look for plugins on your dashboard and click “Add New”. Then search for Google XML Sitemaps and install it.

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Available and you can choose your own – the idea is that, as a beginner, you can choose something that is reliable and will do the job as automatically as possible. Once sure, find the settings and ask the plugin to create your XML sitemap. Once done, log into your Google Search Console, click Crawl  Sitemaps  Add Test Sitemap. There, you should enter your URL, click Test Sitemap  View Test Results. If no errors  found, you can close the test.

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Submit Sitemap. Don’t worry if it shows fewer pages, as it may take a while for Google Search to index them all. Step 6 – Optimize Your Content big picture As you probably know, there is very little when it comes to SEO these days that allows you . Gone are the days when search engines got smarter and they let you run and stuff keywords for free to rank higher. Right now, it’s all about user experience, ways to provide visitors with what they’re looking for on the Internet, and other things that keep them coming back.

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