How to Improve the User Experience on Your Website?

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How to Improve the User Experience on Your Website?

It all comes down to a very simple idea: a customer who is not satisfie is a customer who does not buy. Or worse ! Who turns to competitors. The same goes for everything relate to the internet. When you have a website and you don’t bet everything on the satisfaction of your Internet users, you can be sure that they will not come back. To avoid this kind of situation, there is a ready-made solution: the user experience. A group of little tips and advice, the user experience is the envelope that allows you to achieve a certain success. But what is meant by user experience on your website? website user experience What is user experience on the web.

It is in this time frame that

User experience, also called UX ( User eXperience ) is a technical term that refers to the quality of the experience experience by an Internet user when he visits your site. In other words, everything that happens between the moment he clicks on your link in the SERPs, and the moment he leaves your site. I the Cayman Islands Phone Number List user experience is calculate. And this UX designates user satisfaction, with each action performedon your site. For example, does he manage to find the section that concerns him? Or does he have to navigate through dozens of pages to find his answer? Should it wait for the site to load? Etc.

And that first impression

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The smallest detail can be taken into account in the calculation of the user experience. But contrary to the very objective factor of the usability of a site, the UX also integrates the emotional impact felt by the Internet user when he navigates on a particular site. We are not only talking about the ease of use on the site, but about the whole experience. Both objectively and subjectively. So why work on the UX of your site ? Quite simply because  News US change. In any case, here are 8 tips to apply to your website! 1 – Ventilate your design The very first component of UX on the internet is design. After all, what counts is the first impression. And that first impression when you land on a site is always given by the design. The colors used, the fonts chosen, the structure of your texts, the visible tree structure of your site… Everything in your design must be thought out.

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