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Tips to improve your SEO

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Tips to improve your SEO

If you have a web page and you want it to appear among the top positions in search engine search results, you have to be very aware that it is not worth creating it and leaving it there, so that it magically positions itself. You have to pump SEO.NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOAST Venezuela B2B List YOU PUT.It is very necessary that you give it a little love, that you do things to it, that you optimize it and feed it as your page deserves, in short, that you optimize it for SEO.Sure you can find a billion pages and articles that advise you how to optimize your website and what you can do to improve that positioning, but hey, I’ll leave you my list, based on my (little or a lot) experience in this field in what many SEO experts in Barcelona say .The first thing you have to be very, very clear is which or which are the keywords that you want to position. This is crucial, because if you do not take into account the words, the keywords that you intend to place in search engines, probably, and as has happened to all of us, you will start to work and create content without taking them into account, and, possibly, you will end up positioning yourself as an engineer nuclear when you really want to make it like, I don’t know, mechanical for example.


There are a lot of tools that can help you locate your keywords , some paid and others free, like the Venezuela Business Email List Keyword Planner. It works quite well for figuring out how many people often search for the word you want to use, and for suggesting ideas that you may not have come up with.This of the keywords is very good, but, if you do not optimize the elements of your website for SEO, the keywords may not be worth anything to you. The title tags and the description of your website are essential for indexing, since the search engine reads them and they are what it shows in its search results. The description of the site is what tells search engines what it is about, and the title is what gives it its name.You also need your website to have a map , so you can easily tell Google which pages on your website it should and can crawl. This way it is much easier for him to do it than if you leave it to his own devices, give him a roadmap by which he can start indexing you.

Also try to avoid duplicate content , and give your content a good length (minimum, about 300 words, which is not too much), and, of course, structure your articles in a sensible way, make sense and, if you can, put links to it internal to create an internal network of links that communicate some pages with others, in addition to linking to external sites, if you have the opportunity.Try to also optimize the loading time of your website, because, in addition to the fact that if it takes a long time the user will leave, Google will also reward you.There are many more things we can do to prepare your website for SEO. What other actions would you recommend?

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