These Social Media Marketing Mistakes

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These Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Having a faster website will help you improve user experience which will lead to increased traffic and click-through rate. Also, Since Website Speed Is a Ranking Factor, Improving your site speed will help improve your site’s ranking on the serps. Plus, with tools like pingdom and gtmetrix, testing and measuring your site’s page speed and load time becomes easy. Moreover, these tools also provide you with valuable information that can help you rectify any issues quickly. Keyword over-optimization aka keyword stuffing keyword stuffing is a black hat seo technique that you should avoid at all costs.

Over-optimizing keywords in blog posts

and web pages makes your content look unnatural, affecting Chief and VP of Training Email Lists readability, resulting in poor user experience. Also, overusing the same keywords makes your site look spammy, which leads to a penalty from google. 38 6 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid Social media is fun. Whether your favorite platform is facebook, twitter, or instagram, you constantly struggle with the temptation to check your feed all day. New followers, cool new sneakers or the latest gadget…It’s just hard to resist. From the average user’s perspective, it’s just fun. But from a business perspective, the story is different and learning how to navigate busy feeds can get a bit tricky at times.

With the growing popularity of online shopping

Chief and VP of Training Email Lists

social media marketing has become an integral part of the online marketing landscape. As Cutting Through the Noise of Social Media Has Become increasingly difficult, marketers are trying to do everything to get the edge and also get things moving so quickly. As such, you see many internet marketing mistakes companies make. But do not worry.  I’m going to show you here are quite common and can easily be corrected. 1. Not optimizing your profile and imageit looks very basic, but it’s deceptively difficult. I hear you say, “I’m not good at this. Should I submit a funny image? Serious, professional or cool?

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