The Web Editor’s Fears of E-commerce Sites

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The Web Editor’s Fears of E-commerce Sites

Until recently, the only way to shop was to go to a store, a real store. But the advent of the Internet has changed everything. Now you can buy everything from your couch! The e-merchant has a lot of work such as inventory management which requires significant logistics. A lack of time that leads him to need a web editor to put a conversion strategy in place. Faced with the complexity of the websites of these customers, doubts may arise in the web editor who does not really know how to help them convert their prospects into customers. Writing blog articles or product sheets, SEO advice, backlinks and top UX.

Understanding e-commerce to erase the doubts of the editor

Become indispensable. Understanding e-commerce to erase the doubts of the editor Ouch, there is an e-merchant who wants to work with you! No stress, you have two options: if the e-merchant knows the strategy he wants to adopt, it simplifies things. You will be simple executing. On the other hand, you will not be able Conduit CN to highlight all your expertise; if the e-retailer is lost in his requests, it’s up to you to play and give him sound advice with regard to the strategy you have defined. So what do you need to know to be able to work with an e-merchant serenely? It is important to know the ecosystem of e-commerce and more particularly its codes, because it is very particular. An example ? You know what is most important for the e-merchant.

Editor: work on the SEO of the e-merchant to convert

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No, it’s not the turnover. It is the margin that is essential. By 2021, online retail will reach $4.5 trillion. (Shopify Plus, 2018) Item management, purchasing and stock issues, acquisition costs, shipping costs, storage costs, the fact of having News US sold out products… All this logistics involves a different management of e-commerce than that of a traditional blog. e-commerce website So there are not 50 solutions, it’s like in everything. Familiarize yourself with the codes of e-commerce sites, understand what is really important and what is not and speak the same language as the e-merchant. A long collaboration can then be set up with your client to write their category pages, product sheets and even blog articles.

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