The virtual world can also give meaning to life, talk about the necessity

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The virtual world can also give meaning to life, talk about the necessity

In modern medicine, the success of a doctor is often to save a patient. Even a dying person, as long as he can use a respirator to continue and maintain his life, the longer it lasts, the more it seems to represent the success of the doctor.

However, is the length of life really the most important thing

Through medical equipment, no Slovenia Phone Number matter how long a person drags on, he will eventually leave the world one day. So, the essence of life is that the longer you live, the more meaningful it will be? Recently, the movie of

Sword Art Online was released.

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As the epidemic slowed down, many friends also went to the cinema to watch the movie. And I, who haven’t watched this animation, also found time to watch the chapters of the animation. The one that touched me the most was the Psalm of Our Lady.

In this chapter, a mysterious young girl appears in the virtual world of ALO . She is looking for people to compete everywhere, hoping to find someone who is enough to be her opponent. With the development of the story, it turned out that this guild named

Sleeping Knights hoped to use its own power to defeat one of the demon kings in the game before disbanding. In this way, their names would be engraved on one of the players in the game. on a stone tablet. And the reason why they want to leave such a memorial is because the members of the guild will soon die.

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As soon as she and her sister were born, they faced death due to AIDS infection from their mother’s blood transfusion. When she was in the fourth grade of elementary school, she and her twin sister lay in the hospital and could only use virtual technology and interact with people in

GliaStudio For everyone in the guild, that virtual game world is the real world they live in, because they can’t get out of the hospital bed, and they are constantly moving towards the end of their lives. Yuuki’s parents passed away two years ago in the story line, and her twin sister also passed away a year ago. Leaving her alone in the world, facing the threat of death every day.

However, what is the meaning of life? Yuuki kept asking himself. Yuuki deeply felt that she was dragging her parents down and wasting social resources. However, in the second half of the story,

Yuuki discovered that her own existence is a very meaningful thing. Tecause the memories she left in the hearts of others will continue to be passed down. Although her body is about to die. She creates The swordsmanship of.

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