The Problem With ZERO Goals and Results

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The Problem With ZERO Goals and Results

I’ve been doing a great deal of thinking and writing about the variety of associated problems with using, how to get ceo email address injury data to support the belief that low injury/damage results equate to a corporation being safe. The truth is that very safely operating companies have very low numbers of injuries and other unintended negative results.

This is indeed something to celebrate. No-one being injured or becoming ill from their work is a wonderful result. As this two part article will describe, how to get ceo email address there are a few nagging and logical problems with automatically linking the result of low injury/illness/damage numbers to providing evidence that the work that was done during the period of measurement was done safely.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m always happy to help celebrate when a client calls to have me be part of their celebration of low or even zero injuries. In fact, how to get ceo email address I’m typing this article while I sit on a bus waiting to leave for one of the Northern Alberta oil and gas employer’s sites where I’m going to do a presentation during their celebration of working a very long time without anyone experiencing a lost time injury. I will cheer with them happily over their accomplishment.

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