The positioning of our product

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The positioning of our product

The positioning of our product within the market will depend on this comparison, from low-cost solutions to luxury products. Marketing-plan-of-a-company-Pricing 5) Marketing Strategies We already Paraguay Phone Number have all the necessary information to start thinking strategically about our company marketing plan . The segmentation strategy , that is, which market segment or segments we are targeting.


Here it can be very useful for us to develop a buyer persona

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That is, a semi-fictional  profile of our ideal client that helps us understand their characteristics and needs. The positioning strategy (linked to the price that we have defined in the previous section). The promotion strategy: how are we going to make our products and services known among the target audience? The distribution strategy: how are we going to get our product or service to the market? 6) Action Plan The action plan is the most operational part of a company ‘s marketing plan , where we will define the tactics that we put in place to carry out the previously defined strategies and thus achieve our objectives.


For example: Actions related to prices:

price changes, discounts and offers, financing plans characteristics of a specific product, new launches, packaging changes… Actions related to communication: online and offline advertising, public relations events… 7) Live optimization The company marketing plan is like the map that guides us on the path to follow: if we do not consult it frequently, we can end up losing our

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