The Importance of the Network for Web Editors

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The Importance of the Network for Web Editors

There is an urban legend that says the web editor works alone, spends his days in front of himself and has no social life. It’s wrong ! The web editor has the possibility (thanks to the Internet) to benefit from a substantial network allowing him to be at the center of… almost everything in fact. (Warning, teaser) Network to canvass, network to be surrounded, network to be a force of proposal with its customers, you have understood it, the network is essential. I give you the keys to obtain a qualified network. Web editor: network and customer canvassing Diiiiing (notification on your phone). You are surfing the Internet looking for websites with sparse blogs to advertise your services. (I’m sure you’re not unfamiliar with this situation…) It’s a notification from the Facebook group everyone is talking about right now.

Web editor: network and customer canvassing

A group like no other. A group where you can find clients, and clients who pay well on top of that. You have been “tagged” (meaning that you have been nominated for novices) on a mission proposal. But, why did anyone bother to do that? Quite simply, because everyone “knows” you. Yes yes, you are diligent, reactive and always ready to “lend a hand” (which means answering List of the Mobile Phone Numbers the problems of each other), so we think of you when nice missions arrive. Attention, do not confuse the use of networks. There are really two goals: looking for clients to earn a living (or a salary supplement); keep a social link with your community and have a support network on a daily basis. They are really two very different things that should not be lost sight of.

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Web editor: never alone thanks to the network

List of the Mobile Phone Numbers

Why am I telling you this? Because depending on the strategy implemented, you will have to be vigilant about your use of these different networks. I explain to you. On Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram, we publish according to our objectives. If you only post customer issues, that’s not going to help you get new assignments. You News US will be recommended and word of mouth will do its job. However, I must warn you. Being present on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn can quickly become addictive and time-consuming  personally, I even turned off all these notifications on my phone. Web editor: never alone thanks to the network When you embarked on the great adventure of entrepreneurship, you were certainly a little afraid of finding yourself alone in front of your screen, your problems and yourself at the same time.

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