The 6 Best Online Training Platforms

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The 6 Best Online Training Platforms

I started my professional activity in 2009 as a simple freelance SEO. Today, my business has grown enormously. I am at the head of a team of about 10 people, my turnover is increasing month by month, exceeding my expectations… It didn’t happen in a snap, but rather in several steps. One of them is the launch of my online training. I have trained several hundred people on the Internet who wanted to change jobs or develop their professional skills. Internet training is becoming more and more popular, especially since the 2020 lockdown. Think you have the soul of an instructor? I reveal the 6 best online training platforms.

Webinar LearnyBox

Ranking of online training platforms LearnyBox Podia Udemy Kooneo school maker French Nope Autoresponder  Nope Sales funnel Yes Yes Yes Yes – – Affiliate system Yes  Nope Community management Yes Yes Nope – – Yes Gamification Yes Nope Yes – Webinar LearnyBox, a Russia Phone Number List complete online training platform LearnyBox is undoubtedly the most complete online training platform on the market. It offers a very wide range of features: quality web interface; an email system for exchanging with students, free for up to 500 recipients; sales funnels; the ability to create polls and quizzes.

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A tool for conducting webinars; a reliable and efficient payment system… LearnyBox is a French LMS (Learning Management System) headquartered in Montpellier. It is therefore practical if you do not speak English and your students live in French-speaking News US countries. The LearnyBox team makes itself available to help us make the best use of the platform, by sending us emails and organizing web conferences.  of the platform. There is a free formula, limited to 1 training and 3 students. The cheapest offer is 99 € per month, a fairly substantial sum. This is the only main problem with LearnyBox, which is therefore mainly aimed at trainers who wish to fully invest themselves and live from the sale of their training.

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