The 4ps: is the Marketing Mix Suitable for Web Marketing?

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The 4ps: is the Marketing Mix Suitable for Web Marketing?

The marketing mix is ​​a strategy use by companies to define their products, their prices, the distribution and the promotion of what they sell. These four elements are generally referre to as the “4Ps”: Product Price Square Promotion This strategy is mainly use by traditional businesses. Which use it to differentiate themselves from the competition and to offer a unique and advantageous service to their customers. Very useful for selling products, this strategy seems much less suitable for companies that sell services on the web without being multinationals. Let’s take a closer look at the 4P strategy and how an online business can use it.

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What is the use of the marketing mix? The objective of the marketing mix is ​​to sell the right product under the best conditions at the most advantageous price, for the seller as well as for the buyer, and by highlighting it.  consumer expectations while differentiating itself from competitors. The Argentina Phone Number List marketing mix has several advantages: offer for sale products requeste by customers; avoid unnecessary costs; encourage customers to buy, without forcing them; know how to communicate with customers; attract new customers while retaining old ones. What are the 4Ps of the marketing mix? This business strategy is base on 4 pillars, allowing nothing to be left to chance in order to optimize the company’s performance.

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The product The product policy is at the heart of the company’s strategy and activity. Its success is largely base on what it will sell. Product policy in general This policy covers all aspects of product design: materials, design, size, colors, etc. It is important to know your target well in order to sell it the product it expects. Then you can ask yourself these questions: How old is my ideal client? What is its purchasing power? Is it a man or a woman?  web marketing Again, this strategy applies to all businesses.. And this investment must be reflecte in your selling prices. The place The policy of the place, or distribution in good French, corresponds to the way in which the product reaches the customer.

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