Testimony of Guillaume: Client of One of My Former Students Writer

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Testimony of Guillaume: Client of One of My Former Students Writer

At the end of the training, I connect my former students with clients who contact me regularly. Guillaume is one of these clients. He tells us about his meeting, his work and his progress with the help of Adeline, a former Redactor+++ student. Attention, today, it is not an article wood called “Yakisugi” and the use of tung oil. Guillaume-in-action I shape moreover this beautiful project with my wife. This is work that has required a lot of our like the others that I let you discover. It is a passport, a vision, a look at the prospects for the development of the web editor profession. Here we go, let’s discover together Guillaume’s collaboration with Adeline, web editor turned SEO consultant.

Former Redactor +++ students: unfailing expertise

Presentation of Guillaume: client of a former Redactor +++ student I am Guillaume and my blog is called “ Sol-eco ”. It is a site on which I advise readers in the ecological protection of wood. Thanks in particular to a Japanese technique of burnt  energy for some time now. Sometimes we Qatar Phone Number List miss a little perspective. And especially  moreover summarizing the ke up in the morning and said to myself: “hey, today I’m going to do an article on this theme”. So sometimes it was a good idea, sometimes not.

A global analysis for an optimal natural referencing

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I invested a lot of time and resources in an article that was struggling and did not give additional notoriety to my website. There, big questioning, I wondered how to succeed in standing out from the crowd. My constraints? I didn’t have a lot of time to devote to training News US myself in SEO. Getting in touch with Matthieu Verne from ReferenSEO This is where I decided to contact Matthieu to discuss my problem. He listened to meAdeline immediately identified very well our expectations,like I was running out of steam producing a lot of content. I like to write a lot. But moreover writing just for fun is summarizing the services that you offer to your prospect. You understood, it’s free and without obligation time consuming and doesn’t add anything to an e-commerce site.

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