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Hot jar heatmaps primarily provide

Scrolling heatmaps allow you to see how far your visitors scroll down your website pages and how many people land on the bottom or middle of your page. Learn where to place your most important content on your pages, like the buy button and a discount banner.

The third type Hot jar heatmaps  of heat map that you can track.

Is a mouse tracking heat map. It shows you  Singapore Phone Number List where your visitors click their mouse and will help you identify any issues with your website design. For example, if you notice that your visitors. Repeatedly click on the same areas of your site, you should consider refreshing these areas.

The last type of heat map that you can track is an attention map. An attention map shows you where your visitors are looking on your website. You can do this by placing “view ad”,  Hot jar heatmaps  “learn more”, “buy now” and other similar links somewhere on your site. You can then track where your visitors click on these links. It will show you which areas of your site are getting the most attention.

Has powerful heatmaps to understand

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How people behave and use your News US  website. They help you see what people are doing after landing on your web pages, based on which you can make adjustments to your interface. The goal is to make each session more interactive and immersive for your users.

a color-coded representation of website elements based on their interactions with the audience. It helps website owners to discover the details that have struck a chord with viewers and helps them understand the part of the website that is not so relevant to the audience.