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How does session recording work

What if I told you that you can see everything your users do on your website? Including clicking, mouse scrolling, etc., just as if you were viewing through a camera .
As is evident from its name, session recording software records user actions on a given web project.
Like, how did it work for them in real time, scroll by scroll. Plus, you can see what they clicked on, where they spent most of their time on the page, mouse movements, etc., and guess what made them bounce off the content.

What is session How does  recording software?

Simply put, these recording videos will allow you to track everything a user does after entering your website. All you have to do is install a plugin or insert a Mexico Phone Number List code on your website’s website. start. These tools then aggregate user data that you can analyze to take appropriate action.
Depending on the tool and the underlying code, functionality may be added. For example, you can also have information about, How does  the user’s location, exit rate, bounce rate, time on page, etc.
In addition, some tools also provide software and hardware segmentation of website visitors, such as devices and browsers, operating systems, etc., used to access the website.

Why record website sessions?

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For unintentional user feedback.
This is the main reason to record and use browsing  News US  behaviors because it puts you in the shoes of your visitors and allows you to see with their eyes.  Scrolling, mouse movements, keystrokes, etc.
Additionally, you can also note any technical issues or bugs found by the audience.