Start Your Own Webshop? Pay Attention to These 7 Points of Attention

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Start Your Own Webshop? Pay Attention to These 7 Points of Attention

Every starts with the choice of a domain name. Do you already know what you want to sell, for example clothing, toys or perhaps office supplies? Then register a descriptive domain name in which you use a specific and frequently searched keyword. This has two advantages. Firstly, it is immediately clear to visitors what type of products you offer. This is good for conversion because customers immediately know what to expect. In addition, using a relevant keyword also helps you with the position in organic results of search engines. What people often do not think about is the choice for the domain name extension. This is the so-called TLD, or top-level domain and usually consists of two or three characters. Many Dutch standard because this is the most common. However, this is not always wise.

Discover the importance of reviews

Do you buy a product with only 2 stars on Probably not. We live in a world where information is continuously shared with others. Reviews are Denmark Phone Number List therefore becoming increasingly important and influence the online purchasing behavior of consumers. Research shows that 88% of consumers attribute online reviews as much authority as a personal recommendation Reviews can therefore be regarded as online word-of-mouth advertising and are essential for a successful webshop. People read independent reviews to help them select an online store to purchase an item from. Especially for webshops without an established name, it is therefore important that you show why people should order from you.

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Go for a safe and reliable webshop with SSL

According to SIDN 59% of the webshops in the Netherlands use an SSL certificate, better known as the ‘green lock’ in the address bar. This is striking because if you want to start a web shop, you are legally obliged to properly News US secure collected personal data. Thanks to an SSL certificate, data such as payment data is sent encrypted between your user’s browser and your webshop. As a result, cyber criminals can no longer read this data. Google considers a safe internet very important. SSL is therefore not only good for your visitors, but also contributes to a better SEO ranking. Since July 2018, the popular web browser Google Chrome has also shown a warning by default to visitors of websites without SSL. Which SSL certificate is suitable for your webshop? There are different types of SSL certificates such as Domain Validation,

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