Seo Tips for a Good Start in Seo

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Seo Tips for a Good Start in Seo

What are the different pillars of SEO? This may be a question you are asking yourself and I am here to support you in natural referencing. Web marketing and entrepreneurship. Today, we are going to discover what are the 4 pillars of SEO through these SEO tips . And also why sometimes we talk about 3 pillars and sometimes 4, which I prefer to reference a site. We’ll come back to it right after, since we’ll talk about each of them and the latter that binds them all. When we talk about natural referencing, it is already important to understand these pillars. Because without an understanding of hard time getting off to a good start and having results on your website . The technique, ensuring a good basis for its natural referencing pillar 1 seo: technique Pillar n°1: Technique To start our SEO tips. Here is the first pillar is the technique.

The technique, ensuring a good basis for its natural referencing

Your site must be technically well designe so that Google can browse it with its robots, also calle crawlers. He must be able to understand what is happening on it, understand the links that will be between the different pages, understand the content that you have put online, etc. Google must have Norway Phone Number List information on your images, your videos, it must clearly perceive what is the structure of your site, its internal mesh. Full of terms that may scare you, but that it is essential to take in hand. Today, with software like the WordPress CMS, at the technical level, you have 80% of the things that are solve. In the end, you just need to install plugins, some of which are free, like Yoast SEO to go and fix the little things that aren’t perfect. In terms of loading time.

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Content, at the heart of the visibility of your website

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I offer valuable advice to improve the performance of a website in the following lines. To start, I advise you to test the current performance of your site in Google PageSpee ​​Insights which offers you a clear and quick study. Then go and analyze the essential web signals in Google Search News US Console (this corresponds to what we call the Core Web Vitalis), this will give you very precise leads on what you can/must improve on your site. Because apart from general advice, have to be done according to your own case. If you are not able to analyze what is offere to you. Turn to a web developer who has already worke on improving the performance of a site, he can help you.

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