Seo Part 1: What Is Seo?

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Seo Part 1: What Is Seo?

In the coming period I will take you through the basics of SEO. In this blog series you will learn more about ranking factors and the different pillars of SEO, so that we give you a good basis and you get an answer to the question: how do I make my website easier to find? I will give you practical tips and tools that will hopefully help you on your way to a more findable website. In the first part of the blog series I will tell you more about the basics and terminology: what is SEO? And what is a ranking factor or a SERP? SEO or search engine optimization are all activities that help make your website easier to find in search engines. These are organic search results and not advertisements.

How does a search engine work

Search engines index a website and store it in a database. Spiders control this indexation. These are automatic robots that read your website and store Canada Phone Number List it in the database. If someone is looking for something in the search engine, this search engine tries to show the most relevant result. After all, for searches for the best dog food you don’t want to see results about kibble for your Shetland pony. To keep users of a search engine happy, it is important that search results show the most relevant results, but, even if it sometimes seems otherwise, Google is not clairvoyant. Google has developed an algorithm to match the search intent as much as possible with the search results.

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What is a ranking factor?

Search engines determine the position of your website based on many different factors. We call these different factors the ranking factors. There is no ready-made list of factors that Google assesses your website on. Of course News US many ranking factors have been confirmed from search engines themselves and enough research has been done, but it continues to try, research and read. And: what was relevant yesterday may no longer be relevant today. Updates are made daily in the search engine algorithms, which in turn influence how your website is rated. This means that SEO is changeable and therefore needs constant attention. He three parts of SEO Basically, SEO consists of three parts: Content, technique and authority. Content naturally focuses on the texts and images that are on your website. Technology focuses on elements such as website speed and URL structure and authority, including the strength of your domain and external links.

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