Seo Blog 3: This Is How You Write an Seo Text

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Seo Blog 3: This Is How You Write an Seo Text

Your texts must match the search intent of the user. Does it provide sufficient answers to the search questions? Does it help the user with what he is looking for? To determine this, you do a keyword research. Which keywords have a high search volume? Have you considered long-tail keywords? Does it answer the search question in every moment of the customer journey? The time when you focused on one keyword per page is a thing of the past, good SEO texts are now written with a topic: one topic per page. This means that you take into account the important keywords, but also add relevant keywords and synonyms to a text.

Make texts unique, relevant and complete

For some time now, Google has been assessing pages on ‘thin content’. These are pages with little content, copied texts, or texts full of keywords. These pages Belgium Phone Number List do not get a good rating and score lower in search engines. It is more important than ever that you make your texts unique. Do not copy texts from other websites and write informative and useful texts. If the content on your website has value, it gives the visitor motivation to visit your site and take action, for example by ordering something or filling in a contact form. Good and relevant content ensures that you bind a visitor to your website. You complete a text by adding extra information to the content. For example, if the purpose of the text is to provide information about a certain type of wine.

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This is how you make good text for SEO (and the user!)

Who are you writing the text for and what search question are you trying to answer? What do you want a visitor to do on the page? By thinking carefully about this, you write better texts. You always write content for the visitor, not for search engines. Cover one topic per page. By writing an article News US about both SSL and VPS you miss focus on the page and make it difficult for search engines to understand what your text is about. You have already determined the keywords, you can now incorporate them into the text you write. So choose a subject / important keyword and choose keywords that are relevant to this. Usually I write the text myself first and add relevant keywords later. Put the most important content and therefore also the most important keywords as far as possible at the top of the text.

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