Seo and Sea: Complementary Strategies

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Seo and Sea: Complementary Strategies

It is important that Internet users can come across your site, whether by chance or because they are looking for it. Today, 75 % of Internet users do not go beyond the first page of Google search. It is therefore essential to be on this page! But how to boost the visibility of your website? Among all the strategies, two large groups are emerging: SEO and SEA. What do they imply? What are their differences ? And above all: which strategy to choose? In this article, we answer all these questions. sea ​​seo strategy SEA and SEO: a partnership that works Often, we oppose SEO and SEA. Web consultants primarily take care of the SEO part, and can sometimes advise you to use SEA. Two strategies that pursue the same objective: visibility. But strategies that choose a very different angle of attack.

Your website then benefits

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is a strategy that brings together all the rules for acquiring traffic naturally. Quite simply: you follow the requirements of search engine algorithms, so that they consider your site to be efficient. This is called natural referencing , and it is Croatia Phone Number List important to understand it. By following this strategy, you are putting in place a long-term job. Indeed, SEO strategies require between 5 to 20 weeks to show results. But on the other hand, these are results that last over the long term. Your website then benefits from improved visibility, for long weeks. And this, even if you stop publishing for a while ( be careful not to rest on your laurels , however ).

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Technical optimization Optimizing

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SEO is divided into three major pillars: Technical optimization Optimizing your content Off -site optimization Technical or on-site optimization concerns everything that happens directly on your site. The loading time , the writing of the HTML tags, the images, the graphic charter … A well-built and fluid site is a powerful site from the point of view of the algorithms. The optimization of content concerns above all the writing, the editorial dimension of your site. In other News US  words, the writing of your website, the publication of blog articles… It is therefore essential to plan an editorial strategy over the long term. Finally, off-site optimization the visibility of your site. The little tip: If you choose to do SEA with Google Ads , keep in mind that keyword prices change based on demand. Just like at auction, the more companies want to position themselves on a keyword , the more expensive it will be to temporarily buy it. The famous law of supply and demand.

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