Reinforce Your Leadership Through the Non-verbal 10 Tips

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Reinforce Your Leadership Through the Non-verbal 10 Tips

This article was written by Lise Bachmann, Director of Womaccelerator. How to strengthen your leadership? What if the solution came from non-verbal communication? 93% of communication is non-verbal, this is what Albert Mehrabian , a famous American psychologist and professor, explains to us with his rule. The non-verbal is therefore a powerful language, even more powerful than the verbal. Studies show that the first 30 seconds of a client meeting during which you show up for the first time, say hello, walk over, settle in and shake hands give indications to the client… that he will have a hard time afterwards. to modify.

The importance of mastering the non-verbal

Body language says a lot about us , often more than words, and surely more than we would like to say. Thus, without even saying a word, all these vectors that form our non-verbal communication transmit a certain idea of ​​us to all those we come to meet in business. Just like our physical appearance … reinforce Ukraine Phone Number List the non-verbal Non-verbal communication What is non-verbal language? It can be a posture, a gesture, a look, a way of occupying one’s space or leaving a distance with the other, facial micro-expressions. Or even a attitude. The voice is also an element of the non-verbal. Indeed, it is not so much the message and the words that are used, but it is above all the intonation , the timbre. The flow and above all the volume.

 Be Aware of the Importance of Dress and Body Position

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The importance of mastering the non-verbal Given its impact , it is important to be aware of the power of non-verbal language to: be able to adjust their interpersonal relations as well as possible according to their objectives (prospecting, sales, negotiation, conflict management, effective communication, etc. avoid our biases in the way of considering the other so that a character, a clumsiness, a handicap (eg stuttering) or a lack of knowledge of the codes cannot create misunderstandings. will News US receive your message. I thus discovered, in a recent Harvard study, that the way you walk, occupy a seat or even position your arms sends signals to your interlocutors. That’s why in a meeting at stake, position of closure. In short, occupy your space and stand up straight.

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