Redaction Zen: the First Magazine for Web Editors

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Redaction Zen: the First Magazine for Web Editors

Hello Véronique, I am delighted to receive you, can you introduce yourself in a few lines for those who do not know you yet? Thank you Matthieu for having me for this interview. I am Véronique Alber Latour, also known as Tenzin Tsémé, my pen name. I have been a web editor since 2012. Author and co-illustrator of the musical illustrate novel Le Voyage d’Aliosha published by Éditions Numéro7 at the end of 2020 and of the Dictionary of Scrapbooking publishe by Éditions Tutti Frutti in 2011. I am also a painter, sculptor and illustrator. Former entrepreneur and insurance executive.

Tell us a bit about your magazine project for web editors

I am a full-time web editor and member of the Perspectives Business and Employment Cooperative located in Perpignan. I live by the sea in the Pyrénées Orientales, my beautiful region at heart. Veronique Alber Latour Véronique Alber Latour, creator of the magazine “Rédaction Zen” Tell us a bit about your magazine project for web editors. On July 1, I launche the first magazine for web editors: Rédaction Zen. I am accompanie, for this first issue, by Carole, a web editor Nepal Phone Number List friend. The magazine is geare towards the editorial profession, but also on the daily life of the latter: teleworking, organizational methods, SEO, travel, well-being, relaxation, professional and leisure books. The magazine honors an editor or a digital professional in a long interview in its daily newspaper.

How did this great idea emerge?

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The editorial line therefore favors the world of SEO writing and is aim at both beginners and professional writers. I offer goodies in each issue such as little well-being cards to collect and print, a daily planner page. Not to mention games and quizzes for relaxation create especially by Carole. Everything is done to take care of the editor and the web editor. How did this great idea emerge? I wanted to develop my professional activity by helping andof a former News US business manager and passionate about well-being and self-improvement. The blog accompanies the magazine with its regular articles on professional and well-being topics. It’s about learning to take care of yourself when you work most of the time from home, to understand the workings of the job while preserving yourself. The magazine is really geare towards the welfare of the editors.

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