Profiting From The Seminar Business Church Email List

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Profiting From The Seminar Business Church Email List

If I had been told some years back that I would be actively making profit from organizing seminars, I would have concluded it was a daydream. Fortunately, I am wide awake and making a regular fortune from organizing seminars. It was not easy starting off on this unknown path called Seminar business, church email list but I learnt the rope in a hard way.

It is my pleasure to share some of those secrets that can make one succeed in the Seminar Business. There are four steps to church email list success in the Seminar Business.

You have to promote the seminar and get people to attend. This is one of the most crucial steps to take if you are to profit from seminar business. You can promote your seminar through word of mouth, posters, church email list handbills, special Invitation to churches, youth groups and other relevant organization. You can also use the print and electronic media if your budget can accommodate it.

When people eventually come to your seminar, you must learn to sell your product from the platform. You must deliver more than they bargained or paid for, church email list and they will be left with no choice but to buy your products.Never organize a seminar without having a product to market!

The third most crucial step in profiting from seminar business is to develop a good database of all your seminar attendees. You need to create two databases. One should contain the physical address of all participants, church email list while the second database should contain their email address and phone Numbers. Not only do you need to capture the names and email addresses of your attendees, church email list you need to also follow them up through regular mails. For your email list, you need to mail them regularly so that your list does not get “cold” Your database is the backbone of your seminar business, church email list and you have to guard it jealously.

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