Pbn and Seo Backlinks: How Does It Work?

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Pbn and Seo Backlinks: How Does It Work?

For many years, Google no longer hides. What interests him is the quality of the user experience . Internet users must be able to find what they want, when they want. As a logical consequence, the sites that get the most exposure become the most popular. It’s normal, after all: if the sites have visibility, it’s because Internet users appreciate them. In the same way, if many sites make links towards the same site, it is because this last gives quality information . So why not encourage him? Having noticed Google’s tendency to push forward sites with lots of backlinks ( link referrals, or links that point to this site posted on another site ), website owners got smart.

To increase its notoriety

If Google encourages sites that have a lot of backlinks, why not create some? That’s how the PBN was born. make a pbn What is PBN? PBN is called the Personal Blog Network. It is a network of websites that allows you to create links to a particular site. For example: You have a main site , the commercial site of your company: site A. To increase its notoriety and improve its positioning , you create a site 1. This site 1 is a blog, which contains a link leading directly to your main site Afghanistan Phone Number List thus. Internet users who find themselves on your site 1 can make a direct transition to site A. This operates an immediate traffic sharing , and a referral of authority from one site to another. And Google sees this link on site 1. It sees that site 1 considers site A reliable enough to put a referral link. He therefore pushes site A to the front of the stage, to congratulate him. Faced with so much success, you decide to create a site 2 and put a link to site A. Then a site 3. Then a site  and so.

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PBN Some Personal Blog

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Until you build a whole network of websites, which include one or more links pointing to the main site A. It is a kind of pyramid of links , which makes it possible to connect several sites between them, towards a central Web site. A true work of natural referencing optimization, PBN can also be a practice of black hat SEO , harshly sanctioned by Google. Between work in all honor and illegal practice, the line is sometimes fine! What are the News US sanction risks for a PBN? Some Personal Blog Networks are sanctioned by Google. Indeed, the latter can completely penalize all the sites belonging to a PBN, under the pretext that the links present are not natural. Google’s guidelines are clear: all unnatural links are prohibited . If Google realizes that you’ve implemented a poor quality PBN, with unnatural links and no . But the reality is different.

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