Parkinson’s Law for Working More Efficiently

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Parkinson’s Law for Working More Efficiently

“The busiest man is the one who has the most free time”. This is how Parkinson’s Law is summed up by its creator, Cyril Northcote Parkinson. This principle, linked to procrastination, applies both to everyday life and to working hours. It is important for an entrepreneur to know this law and not fall into its trap to work more efficiently. Here’s why it’s problematic and how to avoid it. Parkinson’s law: origin and explanations Parkinson’s law shows that the more time you have to do a task, the longer it takes to do it.

This can be due to two reasons

We tend to procrastinate and take care of this task at the last moment; we spend too much time on trivial matters rather than the real issues, and waste time on unnecessary details. What is the concept of Parkinson’s Law? We have all been victims of Parkinson’s Law. Especially children, during school holidays. The idea UAE Phone Number List that often germinates in their minds is to enjoy their first week of vacation and do their homework the last few days… often in a panic, because they don’t have enough time. Parkinson illustrates his theory by taking the example of a woman who has one day to send a postcard.

This simple action takes relatively little time

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The woman will however take advantage of her day to relax, and go out to buy her card only in the middle of the afternoon. She will take her time to choose the ideal card, will do many drafts to write the perfect text, then will be lazy to go out and put the postcard in a mailbox in the city. This News US will only be done during his digestive stroll after dinner. If she had had a deadline or a limited time to send this postcard, it would not have taken so long. And the end result would certainly have been similar. This reasoning is verified very regularly, especially during working hours. Parkinson’s law News US then makes you less productive, because you do fewer things during the day.

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