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Organic searches and Adwords searches

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Organic searches and Adwords searches

Last Updated November 4th, 2020 at 11:11 amThe organic searches are those that appear on Google for free, ie without using the Google Adwords service. They are all those results that will appear after the first ads (almost always the first 3) that Google shows us at the top of the search engine with another letter and background.Google AdsGoogle ads or Adwords how do i call a phone number in mexico are paid, a CPC (Cost Per Click) is used, it means that each time a click is clicked, the advertising company will be charged a specific amount.Organic searchesIt is important to understand that SEO works on organic searches only, for that the tools and techniques are implemented on them. The objective is to make these ads improve in Ranking and that more users enter our website.


Google+ and its effect on searchesAs we all already know, Google is a monster and it grows more and more, with 80% of the search engine Mexico Phone Number List  , leaving Bing and Yahoo far behind. This is why it is extremely important to take a fresh look at your social network, Google+ .Today, “standard” searches no longer exist as these kinds of custom bubbles are being created where Google filters and then shows us what it thinks is relevant to us. This phenomenon will increase with its social network Google+.If we take two people who search for the words “Buenos Aires” in the search engine, surely these searches are not exactly the same since Google shows each one what is relevant to him through the filter, which in turn depends on our tastes and preferences in previous searches. Understanding this customization of searches is essential to know how the new “filter” that is G + works.

Google is already prioritizing those companies / brands that have a G + profile and is doing it in a simple and concrete way:If I +1 a page, Google will prioritize this page when I do a search.
If I +1 a page and it shares other products and services, these products will also appear in my search.If any of my friends +1 a certain page, Google will likely prioritize this page in my search
In this way, we can see how Google creates more and more filters and more personalized searches. Brands such as Nike or Coca Cola create their G + profiles and seek to get important personalities or leaders to add them to their circles of friends so that all followers of those personalities are affected in their Google searches.This was a brief overview of G + and how it is going to affect us in our day-to-day searches. Thought from SEO , it is of utmost importance that each client has their profile since we know that Google will be prioritizing it.

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