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Online Marketing: Google launches a new search algorithm, Google Hummingbird

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Online Marketing: Google launches a new search algorithm, Google Hummingbird

Last Updated January 7th, 2020 at 12:11 pmGoogle launches its new algorithm, this time with the name Hummingbird , in Spanish “ Colibri ”. Google took into account the new model of user searches, and as it changes both in form and complexity, so they decided to adapt and improve the algorithm.One of its main reforms is that of “conversational searches” . They are those searches that are carried out through voice messages, generally through a mobile phone, where the user no longer searches with specific and single keywords, but does it as if it were a conversation, in a much more natural and long way . Users formulate their searches in the form of a question, waiting for clear and simple answers from Google.Unlike the two previous algorithm modifications, such as Panda or Penguin , this is a completely new algorithm, a phenomenon that has not occurred since 2001. Google Hummingbird does not have the antispam or filter function, like the previous ones, but to improve the user experience in their searches.

Google at the moment does not give much more information, and seeks to maintain a certain tranquility in the people who do SEO , hoping that it does not affect the PR of the pages and their positioning.Last Updated January 12th, 2021 at 07:15 pmToday, one of the most powerful tools of a telemarketing mexico Agency is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but it also caused a conflict in the minds of content writers: Should I write for an audience or for the search engine algorithm?Hummingbird launchFortunately, this conflict was resolved. Thanks to the launch of Hummingbird , Google’s new algorithm . The search engine now prefers logical content to one designed to include all possible keywords. Even if this is not the case, it is always better to write useful content because at the end of the day, what good is it if you can’t transform readers into customers? With these changes in mind, there are some tips we can provide on how to make a good Content Marketing strategy .


Despite all the changes that Google is carrying out, Keywords will always have relevance since they are the simplest and most basic tool that a user can use to search for information. However, saturating a text with keywords not only does not help but also worsens your Web Positioning . The search engine is sophisticated enough to understand when someone is trying to exploit your system instead of creating logical and sensible content. The punishment is serious. We reiterate, keywords are useful and can do wonders for your Digital Mexico Phone Number List  strategy but your texts should not be designed around them. It is only convenient to include them when they flow naturally.Web Positioning in Google – KeywordsGoogle tends to benefit long and quality texts. The more people approve your texts, the more chances you have of reaching the Google home page. Another idea to keep in mind is that most of the texts that achieved optimal Web Positioning have more than 2000 words. However, this does not mean that you should stretch your texts to reach that number, you should have a predisposed mind to write a long and informative text from the beginning. These two qualities (approval and length) are interrelated; Long texts tend to be shared more through social networks . The Google search engine gives a notable privilege to those contents that have a lot of approval on sites like Facebook andTwitter . It is for this reason that maintaining a strong social media presence can do wonders for your blog.

New searches by usersCurrently, users search with questions. Your content should be designed to be able to answer these types of questions and if a reader decides to consult you about something, take your time and effort to give them the best possible service. Maybe you can win a client this way. You should also know that this new algorithm was created with the new search trend in the form of questions in mind. This information is vital for those of us who do Content Marketing because we must adapt to answering multiple questions in our texts; that’s the new way to attract users to a site.Google+With the recent growth of Google+ , Digital Marketing Agencies acquired a new tool to improve the positioning of their content. Currently, Google+ has a great influence on the performance of your posts. You can learn more about how Google+ affects searches in this note .Now that you know that Google+ has a huge weight in your SEO , you can learn some techniques to help you take advantage of it. Any SEO specialist can ensure that in the future, the rankings will be based on the authors. That is, if you are going to carry out a Content Marketing strategy , you should have a Google+ account since all the posts in your name will be interconnected in searches.Meta TagsFinally, the Meta Tags . These are still fundamental for the Positioning of your site. Title Tags are the most important of this group; They are the titles of your site and one of the most useful elements for an Online Marketing Agency . Meta Descriptions are a brief summary of the site and also have a significant impact on SEO .

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