Now apply the same to the numerical situation.

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Now apply the same to the numerical situation.


Imagine clicking on a web link to an online store where everything is stacked as is. The data is not organized; product categories are difficult to understand; the website works slowly.

What would you do? You will switch to viewing another website.

The same consumer behavior will be seen when someone clicks on your website URL.

Your content is top notch, you have somehow managed the backlinks, but your website is not well organized. The user has a headache while searching for a product.

The result? No conversion into sales.

Such a loss!

To solve this problem, you need to Belgium Phone Number maintain a web structure for easy navigation. Web pages should be organized into relevant categories. The web   page should load quickly so that the visitor does not get annoyed and leave the page.

A critical structural and functional problem
We don’t mean to scare you here, but there is one more thing to worry about. SEO specialists call this cart abandonment . This is a phenomenon experienced by online store owners, where the potential customer leaves just before checkout due to certain reasons. Two such reasons are low website loading speed and complicated checkout process.

Look at this chart for cart abandonment rate stats over the past few years.

Visual representation of the cart abandonment rate of businesses from 2006 to 2019.

The rates are alarming.

Belgium Phone Number

Good news: you can try to retarget these potentials to win them back. Back is the plot of another story – advertising.

For best SEO results, we advise you to make careful efforts to minimize this rate. Your customer retention rate can be improved if the factors affecting cart abandonment are taken seriously, such as simplifying the checkout process.

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At the end of the line?


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