Natural Referencing and Video: Why Do They Go So Well Together?

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Natural Referencing and Video: Why Do They Go So Well Together?

A picture is worth 1000 words. So when it comes to a video , there is nothing better to transmit quality content! Today, more and more brands (and even individuals) are creating consistent content in video form to post on their site or on social media . And if there is such a craze around videos, it is for a reason: for a few years, video referencing (also called VSEO ) has emerged. The principle is quite simple: before going to see a film at the cinema, the French tend to watch the trailer because it is much more explicit than the synopsis. The logic is the same in the world of marketing and SEO . Videos mark the spirits and attract attention.

What is Video SEO?

But beyond the immediate impact on Internet users, videos are also important in the eyes of search engines , and therefore of natural referencing . But why ? Discover 4 reasons why video SEO is the new magic solution for your SEO ! VSEO internet What is Video SEO? But first, a little point of Namibia Phone Number List definition: what is VSEO, or video referencing? Video Search Engine Optimization is a discipline that brings together all the techniques that respect Google’s expectations and search engine algorithms. It’s exactly like SEO, but applied to videos. Mainly on YouTube but also on DailyMotion or Rutube, search algorithms have certain requirements. And to be placed in the spotlight, videos must meet these requirements.

Why does VSEO work so well?

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VSEO thus has many similarities with traditional SEO applied to websites . However, as it relates to videos, the rules are not the same. But from Google’s point of view, what makes videos popular for improving SEO? Why does VSEO work so well? Web video referencing has a powerful impact on the positioning of a website. It’s simple: 80% of Internet users remember watching a video in the last month. And half of that 80% still remembers the News US content. But beyond making an impression, videos are also very popular with search engines. 1 – Google includes videos in search results A few years ago, Google updated Hummingbird ‘s cute name . This update allows videos to be taken into account in the SEO optimization of a site. And the results were not long in coming: today, if the page of your website contains a video, you have a 53% chance of landing on the first page of search results.

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